SteamArchive Archive of SteamCommunity Profiles


How do you store so many images

SteamArchive compresses all of its images, The servers can scale and images can be hosted across a network of servers.
The bulk of images are currently seperated up a large number of 1 terrabyte containers allowing these containers to move servers and networks

When will a profile be re-screen-shotted

A minimum of 90 days

A profile screenshot contains an error

Sadly from time to time there will be errors, While there are efforts in place to catch this, with so many millions of screenshots there will be some unwanted results

Why do i have to be on patreon to view the full size screenshot?

With 10's of terabytes of infrastructure SteamArchive cannot run without patreon supporters, This also acts as as a method of keeping bandwidth down. When SteamArchive was a lot smaller and everything was open to the world the bandwidth simply could not cope.